Jeremy Cook

Two Reasons To Purchase A Weighted Comfort Blanket For Your Pet


If you're like a lot of people, you consider your pet to be a loved and valued member of the family. Animals provide their "pet parents" with tons of hours of play, fun, and laughter each day, making even the smallest moment a complete delight. Your pet likely has a number of toys, their own special nook in the house, and other items such as personalized food and water dishes. If you're looking for a way to add even more pleasure to your furry friend's existence, purchasing a weighted comfort blanket just may be in your future.

24 May 2021

2 Good Turtle Species For Beginners


If you really want a pet, but furry, fuzzy, or feathered isn't for you, you might want to check out a reptile. While your first thought about reptiles might be snakes, there are a lot more animals that are classified as reptiles than just snakes. That means that if you aren't a huge fan of snakes, you could go with something like a turtle instead. If you are going to go with a turtle, you want to make sure that you get one that is good for beginners.

26 March 2021

Why Should You Invest In Equine Supplements For Breeders?


When you breed horses, you do it for more than the money, you do it to keep the strong lines of healthy horses going. You have more than just selective breeding on your side to ensure healthy foals; you have equine supplements for breeders on your side as well. Along with veterinary care and selecting the right horses for breeding, you should be using equine supplements for breeders. Here are just a few reasons why.

19 February 2021

What Does My Pet Turtle Eat?


If you have a pet turtle, you know how fun and adorable they are. There are two main types of pet turtles, box turtles and aquatic turtles. Each type of turtle has a very specific diet, which should be strictly adhered to. Below you will find a basic guide, though you should talk to your veterinarian for specifics regarding your turtle's breed. Here are a few tips to stick to when feeding your turtle and choosing turtle food for it.

15 December 2020

Getting a New Puppy? Make Sure You Buy These 2 Things Before You Bring It Home


If you are getting a new puppy you need to make sure you are ready for it. This will help make the transition of your puppy and your family go much easier. Below are two things you should start with. 1. Pet Crate In the beginning, your new puppy will not be potty trained and it will take time for it to be. Because of this, you should not leave the puppy alone in the house free while you are gone.

12 November 2020

When To Purchase A Dog-Tracking GPS Collar For Your Dog


If you are a dog owner, you might already own at least one collar for your dog to wear. However, there's a good chance that you don't have a dog-tracking GPS collar for it. These collars can be very handy for quickly and easily tracking your dog's location. These are some of the times when it makes sense to purchase a dog-tracking GPS collar. You Like to Take Your Dog Hunting

13 October 2020

Why Buy A Navy And Cream Leather Dog Collar?


There's no doubt you have plenty of options available when it comes to dog collars today. The idea of a navy and cream leather dog collar may never have occurred to many pet owners, but it is a practical option that offers gender-neutral appeal to dogs and owners alike. These are a few reasons you may wish to choose a navy and cream leather dog collar for your precious pooch.

17 August 2020

What English Tack Is Appropriate For A Hunter Over Fences Class


English tack is vast and varied. The tack you would use on a cross-country course is quite different from the tack you might use in an equitation on the flat class, for example. One of the pickiest disciplines of all, however, is hunter over fences. These classes are intended to show off the horse's form over jumps, and the tack chosen should make it easy for the judge to assess the horse's form and performance.

17 June 2020

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy On A Family Road Trip


After weeks of planning, it is time to finally take your family, including your beloved family dog, on a road trip. Traveling even a short distance with your dog can cause anxiety in both you and your dog, especially if your dog is restless or allowed to roam freely in your vehicle. This will not only cause you stress, but it will also put your pet in danger. Follow these simple tips to help ensure your dog is safe and sound throughout every leg of your family's next road trip.

22 May 2020

Dog Tear Stains: What They Are And How To Remove Them With Stain Remover Chews


Certain breeds of dog, such as smaller breeds or those with shorter snouts, can be prone to tearing in the eyes. These tears can lead to dark brown or unsightly tear stains that you don't want, but luckily there are lots of ways you can reduce the tears and help your dog stay beautiful and hygienic. Dog tear stain remover chews are one of the ways you can improve the appearance of your dog's eyes.

13 May 2020