Important Things To Know Before Buying An English Golden Retriever Puppy


Golden retrievers are beloved family dogs. Their long, golden coats ripple in the breeze, and their friendly personalities make them easy to love. As you begin shopping for a golden retriever puppy, you may come across some being sold as English Cream golden retriever puppies. Here are some important things to know before buying or making an offer on one of these puppies.

They are the same breed as other golden retrievers.

English Cream golden retrievers are not a separate breed from other golden retrievers. Rather, there are two lines of golden retrievers in the United States. The American line consists of dogs who are taller and a bit leaner. The English line consists of dogs that are a bit broader-chested and stockier. An English Cream golden retriever is simply a dog descended from the English line who has a more cream-colored coat. This is fairly common in English goldens. Their coats do tend to be lighter than those of American goldens. However, both lines show a range of coat colors from cream to darker gold. A cream golden retriever is simply one who is on the lighter side of this spectrum.

They are not white.

Some people who are less knowledgeable about golden retrievers may refer to these dogs as "white golden retrievers." When they are puppies, the lightest of the dogs may look white from a distance. But if you look at them more closely, you will see that they really are a creamy color, even if it's light. These lightest puppies do sometimes darken a bit with age. There are no true white golden retrievers, so if you see them listed as such, you can rest assured that the pups are actually cream.

They tend to be calmer.

Golden retrievers, in general, tend to be pretty calm dogs once they grow up. (Like all dogs, they can be quite energetic in the puppy stage!) However, English golden retrievers — and therefore English cream golden retrievers — do tend to be calmer than their American golden retriever cousins. If you're seeking a golden who is on the more docile side and does not need quite as much outdoor playtime an English cream puppy could be the perfect fit for reasons far more related to temperament than color.

English cream golden retrievers can be lovely dogs. But it is important to understand what you are actually getting in terms of breed and color.


26 January 2023

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