Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy On A Family Road Trip


After weeks of planning, it is time to finally take your family, including your beloved family dog, on a road trip. Traveling even a short distance with your dog can cause anxiety in both you and your dog, especially if your dog is restless or allowed to roam freely in your vehicle. This will not only cause you stress, but it will also put your pet in danger.

Follow these simple tips to help ensure your dog is safe and sound throughout every leg of your family's next road trip.

Take Your Dog for a Pre-Vacation Ride      

Even if this is not your dog's first road trip or your dog has been in the car multiple times in the past, ensure your dog is still comfortable with being in the car for an extended period of time before you leave for a trip. Begin by taking your dog on several shorter trips. Extend the car rides over the days before your road trip to gauge your dog's reaction to being in the vehicle for long periods of time.

Consider taking your dog to a local park or another fun spot during these short pre-vacation rides. This will create a positive association with riding in your vehicle.

Grab the Necessary Gear

Purchase everything you will need to keep your dog safe and secure before you leave for the trip, including:

  1. Portable carrier, barrier, or harness. Talk with your veterinarian about the best option to keep your dog safe in the car. Never allow your dog to roam freely through your vehicle. Not only is this distracting, but your pet could also be seriously injured if you are in an accident.
  2. Travel dog dishes. Special collapsible bowls do not take up as much room in the vehicle.
  3. New dog toys and treats. A special treat and new toy will help keep your dog happy and distracted.

Visit your veterinarian before the trip to ask about any medications or natural supplements that will help keep your dog relaxed.

Pay Attention to Your Dog While on the Road

Finally, keep a close eye on your dog on the trip and watch for signs your dog is hungry, thirsty, needs to relieve themselves, or is in distress. Pullover every few hours to allow your dog to roam and get a drink and something to eat. Once again, even if your dog is whining or seems upset, never allow your dog to roam freely in your vehicle.

From getting your dog accustomed to riding in your vehicle to purchasing the right barrier, carrier, or harness, there are several things you need to do to keep your dog safe and happy on your family's road trip vacation. Look for a wicker basket travel pet carrier to start preparing to travel with your pet. 


22 May 2020

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