Dog Tear Stains: What They Are And How To Remove Them With Stain Remover Chews


Certain breeds of dog, such as smaller breeds or those with shorter snouts, can be prone to tearing in the eyes. These tears can lead to dark brown or unsightly tear stains that you don't want, but luckily there are lots of ways you can reduce the tears and help your dog stay beautiful and hygienic.

Dog tear stain remover chews are one of the ways you can improve the appearance of your dog's eyes. These chews can be purchased at your local pet store or your veterinarian's office. Learn what dog tear stains are and how dog tear stain remover chews improve the appearance of your dog's tear production.

What tear stains are

If your dog has tear stains, they likely have overly productive tear ducts, or just a larger amount of the porphyrins that make the moisture in tears and saliva in dogs turn brown or reddish in color. Your dog may also just have lighter fur, making stains from tears darker than it may in another dog.

Porphyrin is a chemical in the body that dogs have in their bile, but the chemical makes its way into their tears and saliva as well. The best way to combat the stains left under and around your dog's eyes is to help make the effects of this chemical less severe.

What causes dog tear stains

Many dogs produce excessive tears because of abnormal tear ducts, while others just simply produce more of the discoloring chemical in their tears, saliva, and even urine than other dogs. The exact cause of what makes a dog tear up excessively is unknown, but puppies may also be known to tear more than older dogs, while some breeds can tear up more than others in general due to their genetic makeup and facial design.

How dog tear stain remover chews work

Dog tear stain remover chews are supplements that may work in a variety of ways to help your dog improve their tear stain production. Speak to your dog's veterinarian before using any natural supplements to help your dog, especially if the cause of your dog's excessive tearing has yet to be determined. You can use dog tear stain remover chews in your canine's regular diet to help improve their tear stain issue with time. Before buying dog tear stain remover chews in larger quantities, make sure your dog will take them without issue; some types of these chews come in savory flavors your dog can easily enjoy.


13 May 2020

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