Your Pet Can Benefit From Natural Pet Foods


Some people may scoff at the idea of natural pet food. Dogs eat their own vomit and drink out of toilets and survive. Cats are notorious for chewing on dead rodents. So why should you go all-natural?

Do ingredients in dog food and other pet food matter? Yes, it does. Here are a few benefits of feeding your pet natural or organic pet food.

Better Digestion

While animals do eat some disgusting things sometimes, they can still benefit from natural foods with wholesome ingredients. Most natural food ingredients include oats and barley and lean protein that help an animal's digestive system.

If your pet shows signs of digestive issues, consider switching to a better-quality food.

  • Bloating
  • Excessive gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite

It's important to keep a pet's digestive system healthy for improving overall health.

Reduction In Allergies

Organic or natural pet foods are free of artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or pesticides. This can mean fewer allergies for any pet. Natural foods contain higher amounts of protein which can strengthen a pet's immune system.

Consider natural pet food if you notice symptoms of allergies.

  • Constant sneezing
  • Always itching and scratching
  • Have a cough

These symptoms are uncomfortable and may only require a change in food to help prevent them.

Healthier Coats

Natural pet foods contain good fats like omega-6 and omega-3 that help a pet's skin and coat. If you notice your pet is having skin and fur problems like fur loss, dull coat, or patchy fur, a nutrient-rich food can help.

Older pets have a higher risk of fur loss, so consider especially for older pets.

Longer Life

It should come as no surprise that healthy eating contributes to a longer healthier life. This is true of both animals and humans. The mixture of carbohydrates, fats, antioxidants, whole foods, and natural preservatives keeps pets healthy. This also means happier pets.

What To Look For

When looking for natural pet food, it's best to look at all ingredients. Look for foods with quality ingredients that include high-quality meats as a protein source, fruits, and vegetables. Good choices are also free of chemicals, additives, and preservatives. You can also look for food for special needs, like grain-free options.

The bottom line is your pet can benefit from a healthier food option. Even if your pet is no show signs of any health issues, feeding them good, wholesome foods is still beneficial to maintain optimum health.


27 March 2020

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