3 Tips For Taking Care Of Ricordea


If you are thinking about adding ricordea to your fish tank, you need to make sure that you understand how to properly care for the ricordea before you bring it home. Ricordea is a type of live rock for your fish tank. You want to make sure you are prepared to take care of them before you bring them home.

Feed Brine Shrimp

When it comes to feeding your ricordea, you need to keep in mind that they very much have a seafood diet that they enjoy eating. Ricordea is known to really like both brine shrimp and even small pieces of raw cocktail shrimp. One of the best ways to feed them is by adding very small bits of food to the tank.

Most ricordea will also enjoy phytoplankton. You can purchase phytoplankton to feed to your ricordea at your local pet supply store.

 Give Them the Food Directly

You want to place the food right next to them, or put it right next to their mouths so that they can grab it. Keep in mind that ricordea is a type of coral, and it is pretty much locked in place. It may be able to saw around a little bit and reach out to push something that is sitting on it into its mouth, but it is not a fish that can go after the food that it wants. You need to give the food directly to the ricordea, or else they will have to wait until the water carries the food to their mouth. If you don't want a bunch of little shrimp bits floating around your fish tank, you'll feed the ricordea directly.

Don't Overfeed

Finally, you need to be careful to not overfeed your ricordea. You can give them a little fish on a daily basis, but they probably don't even need that much food. You can directly feed your ricordea a few times a week.

If you start feeding your ricordea, keep in mind that you need to keep this habit up. Once you start feeding your ricordea, they will come to depend on the food, so you need to be ready to provide them with a steady supply of food if you start to directly feed them.

Although ricordea is coral, they do eat food. They seem to particularly like brine shrimp, but phytoplankton and other seafood scraps will do as well. Give them the food directly so that you can ensure they are the ones eating the food you put in the tank for them. Be careful not to overfeed your ricordea. Find a live rock for sale like this at an aquarium store near you.


13 March 2020

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