Soft Chewy Supplements For Canine Hip And Joint Issues


Active dogs who have matured in age may encounter hip and joint pain and cartilage deterioration. A hip and joint soft chew is a nutritionally-balanced product that will ease swelling and support cell regeneration.  Signs Of Distress That A Dog May Exhibit Before purchasing a supplement to treat discomfort or an injury, you should consult with your dog's veterinarian. Signs of distress that you or the veterinarian may take note of include difficulty walking, climbing, or running, yelping when moving about, and inactivity.

14 September 2022

A Puffer Coat That Will Retain Your Dog's Body Heat


Water and air will cause body heat to dissipate through a dog's skin. If you live in a coastal region that experiences weather fluctuations, dressing your dog in a puffer coat will keep your pet comfortable while the two of you spend time outdoors. A Puffer Coat A puffer coat is a quilted garment that is often lined with goose or duck feathers. Some puffer jackets may contain a synthetic material, in place of feathers.

21 April 2022