Why Should Hunters Invest In A GPS Dog Tracking System?


Hunting dogs are remarkably useful for anyone who regularly hunts small game. Dogs can flush quarry out of hiding and track animals through densely forested areas. In the field, there will be times when your dog is on their own. A GPS dog tracking system can help you stay updated on your dog's whereabouts. Here are a few reasons every hunter should invest in such a dog tracking system.

1. Train your dog.

Dog tracking systems include a dog collar equipped with GPS and a handheld device that allows you to locate and control the collar. The collar may have additional functions, such as the ability to vibrate and emit sound. You can train your dog to respond to these cues, which will allow you to direct your dog remotely. The ability to recall your dog, even if they're several miles away, can be incredibly useful while hunting. These collars can also be used to curb unwanted behaviors like barking.

2. Find your dog easily.

A GPS dog tracking system includes a handheld device that lets you see your dog's location on a map. Using the map, you can easily find your dog and the quarry they have located for you. GPS systems often have a range of several miles, so you won't have to worry about suddenly losing your dog's signal in the field.

3. Stay updated on the status of the hunt.

A dog tracking system can be smart enough to interpret your dog's movements. It might tell you how fast your dog is running, which can indicate when your dog is chasing prey. The GPS system may also alert you when your dog comes to a sudden stop, which often means your dog has chased their quarry into a tree or otherwise cornered it. This is valuable information you can use to tailor your approach for better results.

4. Rescue your dog if they get into trouble.

Proper training can keep your dog out of many dangerous situations. However, hunting still involves wild animals that can be unpredictable. There is always a risk of injury. A GPS dog tracking system will help you keep your dog safe. If your dog stops responding to your commands or wanders too far from your base, you will have the information you need to retrieve them. Hunting dogs are part of the family, and a tracking collar is just another tool you can use to keep them safe.

For more information about tracking collar systems, such as a Garmin Alpha bundle with TT15 dog tracking, contact a dog outfitter.


11 March 2020

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